Croatia: The Yacht Week

Where do you even start with a trip like this?

If you haven’t already heard about The Yacht Week, it’s genius. Get a few friends together, pick your destination and sailboat chartered through Yacht Week’s website – everything from a “tiny” 40 foot sailboat to a full out luxury catamaran – pay for your wristbands and that’s it.

You can add in a Skipper if you don’t already know how to sail who will do most of the heavy lifting… and even a hostess if you have a problem making any kind of meal in the tiny galley kitchen (let’s be honest, it’s mostly a liquid diet on the boats). We chose the first week of the Black Route, one of 2 routes in their flagship destination, Croatia.

7 days, 4 islands, 26-ish boats, countless national flags flying high, and ZERO hours of sleep.

If you’re a visual learner, have a look at the trailer … yes there’s a trailer for this trip

Pretty amazing right? We thought so, we being 8 girls from back home (can’t you tell by all the Jamaican flags flying in every picture?) and 1 fabulous Queen from New York, P-Trick. We did all the blog scouring and planning we possibly could for the 6 months between booking and departure and still nothing could have prepared us for what we were about to experience.


We boat-hopped by day, welcomed by a different nation each time we stepped onto a new boat…


Went on a beautiful tour through Vis, the former Croatian military base, including a tour of the Lipanovic Vineyard, home of the best white wine I’ve had to date. It helps to have one strong man (or woman) on the yacht, to carry home the case of wine you will inevitably purchase after the most welcoming and generous tour they give at Lipanovic…

We wandered the streets of posh Hvar and ogled at the floating mansions docked at the harbour…

Yacht week_Jamaica_croatia_hvar


Partied at sunset to the summer’s biggest electronic house anthems, feeling a sense of camaraderie with hundreds of people as we shouted Icona Pop’s “I don’t care, I love it!”

Yacht week_Jamaica_croatia_hvar_hula hula beach club


Of course the renowned party at Carpe Diem Bar was a highlight of the week…

Yacht week_Jamaica_croatia_hvar_carpe diem


Note – when you travel to Hvar by boat, it’s way cheaper to dock at Palmizana and take the water taxis over to Hvar. Palmizana is quiet, still picturesque and not as insane as Hvar’s party scene. It’s about 15 minutes by water taxi.

Yacht week_Jamaica_croatia_hvar_palmizana_sailing

This is Carl, the sweetest and absolute best skipper (he was lead skipper for our week), with over 10 years sailing Swedish fjords.Yacht week_Jamaica_croatia_skipper_jeanneau_sperry


We did make some time in between partying and exploring for some sailing of course…

At the end of it all, we couldn’t have asked for a better week. I have a sneaking suspicion this will not be the last Yacht Week adventure for myself or any of the other girls in my crew.


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