Prince Edward County: A Drake Canadian Getaway (Drake Devonshire)

Remember when Vogue magazine named Toronto’s West Queen West one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the world? Well the Drake, a little boutique hotel/resto/bar definitely played a part in that.

So when we learned about their newest hotel in Prince Edward County, the Drake Devonshire, we were intrigued. Then we spoke with one of our lovely friends, Cheynelle, who runs the bar up there and I became slightly obsessed. I really didn’t know much about “the County” (as locals call it), but between Cheynelle’s rave reviews and my intensive research I was dying to get up there.
One problem – this cute little “inn” has only 13 rooms and we were already warned that it was basically booked for the foreseeable future.

Cue – the “too close to Christmas” December 20th birthday. Even though every weekend was booked up for the rest of the year, (and well into the end of 2016) that special little day for yours truly was wide open. Could have been fate, or more likely, that it was the weekend before Christmas and most normal people would be busy doing Christmas-family-shopping-party things. Thanks, parentals.

Anyway, I had my pick of rooms and scrutinized each one – comparing views, square footage and any google images I could find. We decided that if we were going to spend at least $400 a night, we might as well splurge on the Owner’s Suite, the already infamous room for its size, view and stunning design. Apparently we booked it for a steal of a deal at $600 a night because when I checked the summer price, it was around $1300. Yikes.

Turns out, it was my favourite hotel room to date and worth every penny.

It helped that it was really cold and, with the best room in the house, we wanted nothing more than to stay cuddled up by the fire instead of venturing out for hours at a time. Not to mention, all the food was great, the bartender knew her stuff and if you wanted to, they would serve you anything and everything right in your room. I’m talking like a multi-course tasting menu with wine pairing, in your room! Oh yeah, and all the staff were extremely friendly. Not annoyingly friendly or fake either, more like extremely thoughtful hosts/hostesses having you visit for a weekend.

On top of all that, the rest of the hotel was so pretty I actually can’t wait to come back and explore more in the summer (even if we can’t afford the suite). The curated art was also really cool, although we didn’t get a good look at the big installations outdoor. We loved the Pavilion with all its games, cozy couches and a roaring fire – not to mention a seriously amazing wall mural. But maybe the outdoor patio and fire pit would be my thing in the summer, or the Glass Box? I think we’ll just have to go back and hang out a little longer. You know, just to be sure.

Drake Devonshire Owner's Suite Prince Edward County


Drake Devonshire Owner's Suite
Working from home becomes a little better with this view


Drake Devonshire Owner's Suite
Can this just be my bedroom?


Drake Devonshire Prince Edward County-22
Room service please


Drake Devonshire Owner's Suite Prince Edward County Pavilion
The Pavilion


Drake Devonshire Owner's Suite Prince Edward County View

This little cafe was at the end of the street and absolutely delicious
This little cafe was at the end of the street and absolutely delicious

Prince Edward County Tall Poppy Cafe


We popped out to Norman Hardie winery to get a couple bottles for the day. Definitely want to come back when it's warmer
We went out to Norman Hardie winery to get a couple bottles. Definitely want to come back when it’s warmer


Drake Devonshire Owner's Suite Prince Edward County
I could never get tired of this view

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